Who Are The 5 Hard Hitters In Boxing History?

A list of the hardest hitters in boxing history

Boxing is not just about skills and speed. Strength is one of the most significant factors in sports. This has been proven throughout the history of boxing. Many boxers have built a large heritage because they are the hardest punchers.

But who exactly is the hardest punching boxer the most difficult all time? This article will discuss the 5 hardest hitters of all time that claim this title.

What Makes Someone A Hard Puncher In Boxing?

Boxing is a sport where you should punch your opponents as hard as you can. This is to hurt them to the point where they cannot continue the fight. However, there are some boxers who hit their opponents with very high strength.

These boxers can usually kill their opponents with only one punch and they have a high knockout rate as well.

In this list, we will see the top boxers who punch very hard. And yes, all the heavyweight people here so don’t be surprised!

The 5 Hardest Hitters of All Time

1. Mike Tyson

Every time there is a discussion about the hardest hitting boxer, Mike Tyson is always mentioned. Known as the worst man on this planet, Tyson is feared for punching power. An example is when Tyson sent a fist jumpabola written to Shawn Michaels on WM 14.

The wrestler checked his teeth even though the punch was not real. This is because of Tyson’s reputation as the most brutal punching boxer in history, although not as big or scary as most another heavyweight.


Tyson’s boxing power won several world championships and unmatched inheritance. This is because he can use it in an unexpected way; From any side, at medium or close distances, and at any time to knock out his opponent.

2. George Foreman

Although he is known mainly because the grill is cooking today, recently that George Foreman is considered the hardest hitting boxer in history. He is also considered to be a favourite against the legendary Muhammad Ali.

Foreman is believed to be one of the few men who can defeat Ali if he takes his training more seriously.

Foreman is always praised for his distress in knocking situs judi slot paling gacor down opponents. He made him look very easy, even when he fought children in the mid 40. He is not as strong as a few other hard goats but he has raw power.

As a result, Foreman has a long run and impressive in boxing, after competing at the top level for three different decades.

3. Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder is the latest competitor as the hardest hitting boxer of all time. He might have a rough run after competing against Tyson Fury Thrice, but there is no doubt that he can knock out his opponent’s lights 9 times out of 10.

He has the largest percentage of knockouts in the history of sports, with a maximum amount of 95% at once.

Wilder’s ability is considered a superhuman. He is very tall and big, but he is not slow and sturdy as expected. The bronze bomber was known to be very skilled and he somehow was much faster than his smaller opponent.

These attributes, when combined with their great punching power, make Deontay Wilder a danger that is not like the others- and there is no doubt that he is one of the GOATs.

4. Earnie Shavers

You know you are one of the hardest punchers when Muhammad Ali is great saying that you hit hard. This is an honour given to Earnie Shavers.

Earnie Shavers are very underestimated, just desawisatatukak.com because he never won the world title. In addition, he applauded because of the power of punching, despite not being as skilled as his peers in boxing.

Earnie Shavers is known for two things: able to punch your brain cells with their legendary right hand and end a fight early. These two aspects made him dozens of victories and the percentage of the knockout system excellent.

Even though he can’t really hit the same punch as his left, the other hand is enough to finish the work! Earnie Shavers is feared in the boxing community- although not winning a big one.

5. Rocky Marciano

One of the smaller heavyweights, Marciano is an unbeaten boxer with a spotless record like Floyd Mayweather Jr.

He is known to be tough in taking Marciano’s deadly attack, and he usually serves all the appetizers in the form of blows to his opponents. He followed up on this by delivering his right hand, which took the year from his opponent’s life.

He might be remembered quite dear even today, but Marciano fought back in the 1950s. He may not be a heavyweight according to today’s standards, but he used to paralyze men bigger than him.

One blow from Marciano can end the match. Combine the power of punching with his unlimited amount of stamina, and you get a boxing legend that will never be forgotten.

Honorable Mention: Lennox Lewis

Wladimir Klitschko is a famous hard hitter who is currently defending his country, Ukraine, from the invaders- but you cannot have a list like this without mentioning the great Lennox Lewis.

Lewis is one of the big but athletic big boxers. He has a superhuman reach that he uses for his benefit. He can attack his opponents from afar without receiving any punishment.

However, Lewis is famous for his strong right hand. He used this big right hand to drop people, ending the fight early or leaving until the end of the match to give his last blow.

Lewis is not only a strength boxer but he is also technical. This is how he can win several world titles and Olympic gold.

Other heavy beaters include greats such as Joe Frazier, Sonny Liston and Joe Louis.