The 5 most expensive basketball shoes ever cost more than IDR 100 million

Having shoes pola slot gacor for sports is of course very important, especially for athletes.

Unlike ordinary shoes, sports shoes are specially designed so that people who wear them are comfortable.

No wonder the price of sports shoes is relatively more expensive. Especially if it comes from a popular brand.

One of the most expensive sports shoes is basketball shoes.

Especially if these basketball shoes are only sold in limited slot gacor editions and are signed by world basketball players. So they can be unbelievably expensive.

5. Air Jordan I – 8,000 US Dollars (Rp. 112 million)

These shoes were released in March 1985.

Only 1,200 of these shoes were produced in the world.

4. Air Jordan V – 10,000 US Dollars (Rp. 140 million)

A shoe with unique features such as a lightweight rubber sole and comfortable lacing.

Jordan only wore an Air Jordan V during games.

I do not know how many models were produced, but these shoe collectors sell them at fantastic prices.

3. Nike Air Mag – 12,000 US Dollars (Rp. 170 million)

In the 1989 hit film ‘Back to the Future’, the hero, Michael J. Fox wears these futuristic boots.

Nike decided to sell the slot bonus 100 merchandise and produced baccarat casino about 20 pairs.

These are some of the coolest shoes you will ever find!

2. Air Jordan I – 25,000 US Dollars (Rp. 352 million)

The Original Air Jordan originally came out in a Red/Black design, and was extremely rare, with only 12 pairs ever made.

Each pair is personally signed by Michael Jordan with a waterproof marker.

1. Nike Air Zoom Kobe 1 – 30,000 US Dollars (Rp. 422 million)

At US$30,000, these Nike Special Edition shoes are the most expensive sports shoes.
With only 25 pairs ever made, this shoe is dedicated to and signed by one of basketball’s greatest players, Kobe Bryant.