Iconic kit number – and the players wear it in football


Football top 5 Iconic Kit Numbers

Kit number is an important staple in football. From the early days of sports where the starting line-up was given numbers 1-11, fast forward to today where we saw the player Don Kit number to the end of the 80s, they always told a story.

Today in my latest top five list, we gave the top five of the top iconic kit numbers in football.

Number 6

In each kit number, you will read about today, you will hear about the greatest players who have loved the game, but number six can hold the biggest leader in football.

It’s no coincidence that holding midfielders and central defenders mainly use this number which in turn makes bigger leaders if you look back at history.

Like AC Milan legend Franco Baresi and West Ham hero Bobby Moore wore number six, the two clubs chose to retire the amount in connection with their career with the club, an action that you did not see often in football.

Aldair, the captain of the Roma title winner of the 2000/01 season also wore a number six shirt for most of his tenure with Rome.

The Barcelona Xavi icon wore number six for 14 years with his childhood club when he attended the club to their second treble in the 2014/15 season.

P. This will be the only ‘respectable mention’ in this article, but it is very difficult to leave the number five shirt worn by people like Zinedine Zidane, Franz Beckenbauer, Carles Puyol … While writing this, I feel sorry M stick to my weapon.

Number 8

Now, number eight is the number of elite midfield players, whether they are playmakers, box-to-box players, or midfielders who all take action, do everything.

As a fan of Liverpool, it will be very embarrassing if I don’t call Mr Liverpool himself; Steven Gerrard was first beside his former teammate and the Premier League high fielder Frank Lampard.

Both players symbolize what it means to attack number eight in football and set standards for the next generation.

While they define the attacking generation number eight, Andres Iniesta Barcelona is the maestro, genius, metronome, there are too many superlatives to describe the Spaniard and how he is the heartbeat of the Barcelona teams.

Like Socrates, described as a “Brazilian brain” on the national team at the beginning until the mid-1980s Jonathan Wilson had everything you wanted in the playing midfielder who was also productive in front of the goal.

Number 7

Kit number seven may have the most important and historical when you see certain clubs and their reactions to when players decide to take the number.

Manchester United History number seven kits consist of Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona, David Beckham, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Without hesitation, some of Man United’s biggest players.

It’s just one club.

Bonafide football legends such as Raul, Luis Figo, and Kenny Dalglish all performed the number seven shirts proud of their careers.


Most of the time it is a creative player, Maverick who chooses this number and is usually the most interesting in the field, which you will go and pay your money to see, with a clear exception you will see later.

Number 9

Game scorer. Who can win your game or lose your game?

This is a great long list wearing nine special numbers, but I will try our best for years.

The biggest for wearing this number is Ronaldo, not ‘Ronaldo Brazil’, or ‘Fat Ronaldo’, only Ronaldo.

I believe we have seen the biggest striker to play the game and I don’t see how anyone now or in the future can accumulate the mere talent we have witnessed in the past decades

Three times Ballon D’Or Winner Marco Van Basten played his last match at the age of 28 years, a fact that still surprised me to be the biggest one to wear the amount.

I know I said I would spread but I would remember because bonus new member 100 it was too difficult.

Premier League Main Scorer Alan Shearer, Leading Scorer of Liverpool Ian Rush, Real Madrid Legend Alfredo in Stefano and people like Bobby Charlton, Wayne Rooney, and George Weah.

Number 10

I truly believe four players who have worn a number ten shirt have a valid argument for the greatest players who have ever and that is why he ranks first on my list.

Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, Diego Maradona, and Pele are the four greatest players who have played football and if they are not in the top five of all time, I refuse to communicate with you.

This is a dream of children who wear it and one that makes you a star slot deposit pulsa show and one to watch.

Tens number is usually the most talented player technically, people who can make something from nothing and can die from the entire game but can produce magic moments in an instant.

Rivaldo, Dennis Bergkamp, ‚Äč‚ÄčEusebio, and Alessandro Del Piero are just a few of the players to realize what they mean wearing a number ten shirt and if I mention all the legendary players who wear the number, we will do it. Being here all day.