The Best 5 Fastest Boxers of All Time

For the layman, boxing might look like a bloody sport with two fighters holding hands. But once you see exercise a little closer, you realize that it requires a lot of skills, strength, precision, and speed. In fact, speed might be one of the most important aspects of the game.

Boxers can give more punishment above the ring when they are fast enough, and they can also protect themselves. There is no doubt that some boxers are very fast. A fast hand boxer can make a name that is enough for themselves in sports.

It might be difficult to choose only one person as the fastest boxer ever, but we can see the fastest boxers of all time.

This article will see the fastest boxers in the world, and those who have not yet received ranking have also received honourable names.

1. Manny Pacquiao

We started with one of the most outstanding boxers in history. Manny judi slot gacor hari ini Pacquiao is now the Philippine Senator, but he is also the only boxer who won the world title in the eight toughest divisions in sports.

Pacquiao is known to be very skilled and technical, while also very fast. “PacMan” also came with a lot of punching forces for its size and speed.


He is able to take these skills and attributes into any division. All of his opponents have been burglarized by not only his hands and the time of his reaction is fast, but also by his ability to think fast.

Many experts call the fastest Pacquiao in the history of boxing. Its speed has made him one of the greatest boxers ever.

2. Sugar Ray Leonard

You cannot have a list of the fastest boxers of all time without mentioning one of the fastest boxers who have played the game. Sugar Ray Leonard is a leading boxing superstar in the 80s and 90s. While heavyweight fighters carrying ¬†sports, Leonard is link slot gacor one of the “top four” boxers who ruled a lower weight grade, and he made them relevant three decades ago.

Sugar Ray Leonard is known for his fast hands and feet. Like Manny Pacquiao, he has a lot of finishing power, which he uses together with his speed. As a result, he can kill his opponents using a combo before they can even think of hurting him.

Sugar Ray Leonard Idiolised Sugar Ray Robinson, who is a legendary fast hand boxer.

3. Muhammad Ali

There is a reason why Muhammad Ali is known as “the greatest”. He is a legend that goes beyond boxing, and he is a famous pop cultural icon.

Ali is considered by many people the fastest boxer of all time. Ali is a big heavyweight, but even so, he can “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”, which makes him invincible mostly.

Ali quickly held hands and could avoid the attacks of his opponents. He was also very fast on his feet, and he could dance around the ring and around his opponents.

Ali was very proud of his speed and he used it for as much profit as he could. There was even a time when he landed 12 defeats in just 3 seconds.

4. Roy Jones Jr.

Roy Jones Jr. is also one of the bigger fighters on this list. He has done everything- from situs judi slot online terpercaya 2022 being a boxing sensation to enjoying a successful career as an actor and rapper.

In a great boxing career, Jones won several world titles, and he also won a silver medal at the Olympics in 1988. This is because of his great battle style, combing speed and strength to give a lot of damage.

Like other people on this list, Jones is known as a fast handler. He can throw a lot of successive hooks, and showboats along the road. He is also famous for fighting with his hands behind him.

Jones reflexively praised the speed of his hand. He quickly around, and he can move around the ring like there is no rival that can.

5. Pernell Whittaker 

Pernell Whittaker is another boxing legend that is lightning fast. Even the best boxers in the Welter class division cannot touch the late Whitaker.

Former Olympic gold medalist and world champion several times Slot Gacor 2023 have a very fast hand. Whittaker has shown excellent boxing abilities since the mid-1980s, and he will dominate the title in 4 divisions.

He is also quite difficult to understand situs slot gacor because his opponents can barely mark him, and he has an 87 per cent winning rate (89 per cent if you don’t like Julio Cesar Chavez). Whittaker is not the highest boxer around, and he uses his small stature for his benefit.

Similar to Manny Pacquiao, Pernell Whittaker is also a Kidal- and one of the fastest boxers of all time.

Honourable Mention: Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of the fastest boxers ever. He is always relevant, even now in retirement. The unbeaten boxing legend is very easy to hate- but there is no doubt that he deserves all the praise he gets and many more!

Mayweather is one of the biggest attractions in boxing history, and he is displayed in the best-selling fight.

Floyd Mayweather is also known for his extraordinary speed. He uses it together with IQ of high battles and natural instincts. Mayweather can think during a fight at a very fast level, and this is what makes it so great in defence.

The counterattack technique has something to do bonus new member with his success in sports. There is no doubt that he is one of the most natural boxers of all time.

Some other fast boxers who deserve to get honourable designations include Mike Tyson, Meldrick Taylor, and Floyd Patterson.